I’ve been thinking and dreaming about sandwiches lately. A lot. I made some gifs for Subway’s #Januany campaign along with many other really really cool artists on Giphy. See Giphy’s official Subway page to see more sandwiches!

The bottom 2 look similar, but Subway preferred the one on the left. I still really like the right one though. And just saying, their sandwiches don’t have cats, but I am just weird and like to put cats everywhere.

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HOPE YOU HAD LUNCH ALREADY: Subway made a statue out of sandwich materials of Georgia linebacker (and potential top NFL draft pick) Jarvis Jones. It is mildly terrifying. Maybe because we aren’t raisin people — his dreadlocks are made of 1,000 of them. (Photos: Diane Bondareff/Invision for SUBWAY/AP Images; Bebeto Matthews/The Associated Press)